Christmas 2015 (クリスマス 2015)

Posted on December 28, 2015


Commercially, Christmas is celebrated big time in Japan. There may a few families that go about it the American style within their homes, but not many Japanese put up a tree and lights. It’s all about that KFC chicken (Why??) and Christmas cake!

This Colonel was hanging out at my local KFC. Kinda creepy, right?

Here’s the competition:

Mos Burger

Mos Burger trying to use a cute girl in a Santa outfit, haha!

Also spotted these Christmas cakes at 7-11:

7-11 Cakes

So cute!!

I headed to a local sweets shop, Fujiya, for my Christmas cake.

Peko-Chan greeted me at the door.


While we were shopping for cake, a small child in a Santa onsie and hat entered with its parents. I’m not one for kids, but I couldn’t help being tickled. I told his mom, “かわいい!!”, meaning kawaii or cute, and he waved at me. ;_; My heart melted.

Ahem, back to Christmas cake.

Fujiya had an amazing selection.

Cake 5

The cake I ate is called ミニブッシュドノエル. Apparently that means Mini Bush of Noel. The name seems so funny and inappropriate in English. 😉

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Merry Christmas!! メリークリスマス!!

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So that’s about it! KFC and cake! Oh, and it’s a big date day for Japanese couples. In fact, as mentioned on my podcast Cat & Fox, there is one restaurant in Tokyo that banned couples on Christmas Eve.

I’ll leave you with an interesting read on how Christmas cake became such a hot thing in Japan.