7-11 x Star Wars

Posted on December 21, 2015


Convenience stores (コンビニ; kombini) in Japan will often feature goods from popular series or other entertainment. I’ve seen displays of Attack on Titan, Hello Kitty, and Yokai Watch.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens having opened in theaters, currently 7-11 stores carry merchandise from the movie.

Star Wars 7/11

Notice the left side of the display. Consumers may purchase a chance at winning some of the better items.

Star Wars prizes


Star Wars ticket

Yes, ¥620 for a shot at something great! Simply grab the card and bring it to the register. The clerk will present a box for the buyer to plunge in a hand and retrieve a letter card from within. A card to buy a card? What is this? Whatever letter is on the card will match up to one of the prizes from the display. No one is a loser; everyone who buys a card will receive a prize. The thing is, there are better prizes than others.

I hope that if you visit Japan, you’ll come across one of these in a convenience store and take a chance! I’ll have to try for some Star Wars merchandise soon and report the results.