Tokyo Sky Tree (東京スカイツリー)

Posted on December 18, 2015


Tokyo Sky Tree

Move over, Tokyo Tower, a new skyscraper has been built in your town. Built in 2010, this glorious structure has been the tallest since, reaching at 2,080 feet. Not only has poor Tokyo Tower been overcome, Tokyo Sky Tree reaches higher than any other tower in the world. Pretty impressive!

Guests may either purchase an advance ticket for a predetermined time and date or same day tickets. I advise going with the reservation option, as the same day ticket line can be up to a two hour wait. A third choice is available for international visitors; travelers from other countries may wait in a short line for a Fast Skytree Ticket. The price is only a little higher than the Advanced Purchase, ¥2820 for adults. More information on tickets can be found here and here.

After riding in the extremely fast elevator, which are themed after the four seasons, my husband and I walked around the Tembo Deck (350 m/1148.29 ft up!). The nighttime view of the city is outstanding.

Tembo Deck View

We walked around to all sides, watching boats move slowly in the river, kids playing soccer, flashing lights from possible Love Hotels or Pachinko parlors. The experience was quite romantic at the time.

Then I saw this:

Star Wars: Tokyo Sky Walk

One hundred floors above us, in the Tembo Galleria, an ode to Star Wars was happening. For those local or planning on being in Japan soon, check that end date.

We purchased our ¥1030 tickets to the Tembo Galleria (450 m/1476.38 ft) for our Star Wars experience at the top of the world. Well, at the highest accessible floor in the tallest tower in the world.

Look who greeted me:

600-something Stormtroopers, all lined up neatly. I won’t give the exact number, in case someone wants to visit and attempt to guess. The display cabinet actually posed the question as to how many. Why do I still remember the exact number? Who knows.

Star Wars Ceiling

I didn’t take pictures of the entire exhibit, but displays ranged from Hot Toys figures to Star Wars inspired samurai armor figures. There was a TV that looped the trailer for the new movie. A ton of Funko Pop! Vinyl toys were lined up in a case. One display featured a crazy expensive model of Millennium Falcon.

Then there was this guy:


This model or suit was life-sized and totally aiming in the wrong direction.

Oh, and I got a shot of down below:

Tembo Galleria

I had an amazing time! I don’t know if I’ll visit Tokyo Sky Tree again, but the experience has influenced me to revisit Tokyo Tower soon. Sorry, Sky Tree, you’ll never be a replacement in my heart, but you were damn fun.


Sky Tree M logo

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