Summer Days in Japan

Posted on June 30, 2011


It’s true that summers in Japan are sweltering. In July, it’ll rain for a month. Sure, sit inside in the air conditioning all day. Waste your summer away! I’ll be enjoying my summer outside the house. While others give up on summer, I make them the most memorable days of my life.

I’m sad to say that this will be my last summer in Japan. I literally feel like crying thinking about leaving this place! It hurts to type this, so I’ll stop.

I plan on spending the sunny days of this summer on Zushi beach, which is about a ten minute walk from the JR Zushi station. If you live in Tokyo, it’s not terribly far away, and you’ll want to spend the entire day there, anyway. It’s completely worth it!

There are plenty of bars on this beach to purchase expensive alcohol. I’m going again this coming weekend and bringing my own drinks. The price of drinks from the bars are about 700 to 800 Yen. I always end up spending all my cash on me before even feeling buzzed! (Haha.)

There’s even a little club on the beach, but the price to enter is 4000 Yen at the door. Way too expensive for me! Personally, I’d rather enjoy a cheap day at the beach.

Zushi beach feels like a little slice of America in Japan. Used to American beaches and miss them? Seriously, visit Zushi beach.

Another sunny day activity is to visit Enoshima island. I definitely plan on visiting this place again and exploring the entire island. I was very impressed with the restaurants, views, and the beach! Although the Zushi beach is better, there’s so much more to see on this island. The traditional Japanese culture really comes on strong in Enoshima.

In August, the Hanabi festivals happen all over Japan. The Japanese word Hanabi, 花火, literally translates to “flower fire”. Fireworks! Last year, I attended the Hanabi in Yokohama, but I think I’ll choose another one this time. I wouldn’t recommend Yokohama’s Hanabi. There were far too many people, and the fireworks were badly placed. This year, I might go to a Hanabi festival at Zushi beach (bikini style!) or Sea Paradise.

Now, what the hell do I do on the rainy days? I go shopping! If I don’t want to go to Tokyo, I’ll shop in my hometown of Yokohama. The only thing lacking is my favorite store, Forever21. (Haha.) If you’re not a fan of shopping, just think of it as site seeing!

There’s a bar almost everywhere you go, as well. The Hub, a British pub, has a Summer Time Happy Hour special going on. Quite possibly the cheapest drinks around.

Never let a rainy day keep you inside all day!

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