Next Generation Portable by Sony

Posted on January 27, 2011


Today in Tokyo, Sony announced the new PSP2. Except it’s not called PSP2, but NGP, which stands for Next Generation Portable. I believe this to be a prototype name. Sounds pretty silly to English ears.

I’m mostly excited about this new device! Partly put off by it. The system is slim, yes, but there is no UMD support. When many hear this, I’m sure they think back on the failure that the PSP Go was. It was only a failure to us gamers because most of us already have a PSP with tons of UMDs lying around. The difference with this new NGP is all the additional features added. Plus it doesn’t look like it’ll break if I stick it in my purse. (Who knows what goes on in there during the day!)

The new features include: a multi-touch pad on the back, a multi-touch display on the front, two cameras (front and back), actual analog sticks (not “nubs”), 3G, motion sensors, and trophy support! Let’s not forget the five inch screen and the 4 core processor! These are the key features that I am highly excited about. A brand new device. Like nothing else. With amazing features, some never seen before. Sounds pricey, right?

Of course, they have delayed details of a price and release date until E3.

They’ve certainly got me interested.

Find out more info, including games shown at the conference here: