Hooters of Japan

Posted on October 28, 2010


When first stepping out of the Akasakamitsuke subway station, my husband and I spotted Hooters right across the street, the orange “HOOTERS” glowing at the Tokyo Plaza. The area was really nice and classy feeling. We had never been to this area before, but the Hooters definitely drew us in. I think I might go again just to shop at the plaza before eating dinner at Hooters.

The Hostesses were really nice and spoke English. Since we arrived early, at opening, we were able to be seated right away. Another hour and we would have had to possibly wait two hours in line. Hooters Tokyo opens at 5:00 pm and closes at 11:00pm. Maybe the hours will expand to include lunch time in the future. I sure hope so! They were incredibly busy, and increasing the hours will definitely bring in even more monies.

We were first seated at a tall table with stools. And then my husband realized they forgot to ask us for smoking or non smoking. It was a bit of a hassle to get to the smoking section, but he sorted it all out. They are probably already thinking Americans are trouble. (Laugh)

The service at the first table was also felt very slow, even though the restaurant wasn’t completely busy yet. While I’m usually an impatient person, I understand that every waitress there is completely new, except for those helping from the US.

Notice the words on the shirt. (I’m sure that’s what you were looking at anyway, right?) They kept the slogan “Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined”.

The second table we sat at was much more comfortable, even though I don’t like cigarette smoke. My husband and his friends are the smokers. I was glad to have a table I could hang my jacket on, though.

My husband said that the restaurant really felt American. I’ve only been in one Hooters when I was a young girl, and I was not impressed what-so-ever. I really enjoyed the environment in this Hooters, and the girls were all so sweet, even though we caused them trouble.

Head over to the Hooters US website and compare the drink menu!

The prices might be a little steep, especially with the current Yen exchange (79 Yen to the dollar), but the food felt really authentic! It feels like we have a little piece of America here in Japan.

The fried pickles were great! Since I’m from the south of the US, I’ve enjoyed these throughout my entire life. In Japan, they are unheard of.  Until now.

My husband and I waited for hours before our friends got there. It’s good that they allow you to hold tables like that. Otherwise, if we had waited for our friends, we would have been one of the unfortunate people outside in the cold.

In Japan, you don’t leave tips at restaurants, so holding a table is no problem for the waitress and actually just means less work. They get paid enough so they don’t worry about tips. Although, one waitress told me she’d be more than happy to accept a tip! (Laugh)

Our waitress, Yukiyo, was so cute! She was very friendly and tried her best to serve us well. I did wait for a long time for my BBQ wings, but I understand, again, that it’s a new place, incredibly busy, with mostly trainees.

She taught me how to do the Hooters Girl pose. I felt like a giant next to her. So cute and tiny! (Laugh)

“I don’t want to be a chicken; I don’t want to be a duck; I just wanna be a Hooters Girl” was sung to the Chicken Dance at one point. There were also other songs that they danced to throughout the night. It seems pretty silly that all the girls would stop and dance when the restaurant was so busy. (Laugh) But it’s all a part of the authentic Hooters experience. Plus, the dances only lasted for about 15 seconds each.

I’m sure the cooks weren’t used to getting their pictures taken! The Japanese cooks were so busy, they wouldn’t stop a pose for me.

Even though the service was incredibly slow at times, the food and environment were great! I really felt special as a customer, which should be the goal of all restaurants or customer service. I will definitely be stopping by again soon. The only complaint from my husband and friends is that the hot wings weren’t hot at all. I hate spicy food and was able to eat them!  Just tasted like a mild spice. They even ordered the extra hot sauce and were still unsatisfied. I wonder if it’ll always be like that or if they will eventually increase the spiciness.

When we left at around 9:00pm, I turned around and said “Minna-san, chiizu!”  (Everyone, Cheese!) and took a picture of the line outside. While it doesn’t look like a long line, lots of people (like us) hold their tables for a while. Those waiting at 9:00pm may not get in until about an hour or more. Also, what is with those weird faces?? Maybe excitement?

After going through 400 applicants, only about 40 were selected to be Hooters Girls! One waitress asked me if I wanted to apply and I said “Yes!” (Laugh) Don’t look forward to me joining the Hooters team anytime soon. The restaurant is an hour from our home, and I don’t believe the military would ever allow it.

According to Japan Today, the US has been working with Japan for five long years to get a Hooters over here in Japan! Well, Japan, I hope you see that Hooters is already a big hit. I think Japanese people appreciate the food as well as the environment. Will it hold up? I believe so! Go Hooters Tokyo!