Octoberfest in Yokohama, Japan

Posted on October 19, 2010


I have never been to an Octoberfest in any part of the world before. My first time to attend was the last two hours of the last day of the one here in Yokohama. I wish I could have been able to experience it more, because what I did see, I enjoyed.
The entrance fee was only 200 Yen per person. I wonder if children were charged. And, yes, there were plenty of children at this big beer fest.
Can you spot where it says the price for entrance?
This is the beer I wanted to try, but it was all sold out! I have a very sweet taste, so I wanted to try all of the sweet beers. I especially wish that I could have tried the Sweet Vanilla Stout. Maybe next time.
My husband bought himself a Guiness, his favorite beer. When you purchase a beer at Octoberfest, you make a deposit on the glass. When you return the glass, you get a certain amount of money back.
Of course, what’s his is mine, so I had a few sips of his beer. (Laugh)
There were performers on stage singing and playing instruments. They really fueled the excitement of all the people. It was so fun seeing everyone have such a great time. Inside of the tent area, there were far too many people in one space! It was hard to get around, especially with everyone drinking. Made me glad I didn’t take my claustrophobic friend with me.
You could really tell the performers were having a great time!
Even though my heritage stems from Germany, I think I prefer Japanese beer and food! I settled on Sapporo beer and edamame. I did try a friend’s lamb sausage and loved it. I also decided to keep my glass. That was a bit awkward carrying home in my purse. (Laugh)
There were so many people there! Japanese people are typically hazukashii or shy. They are quiet and don’t talk to strangers often. That’s the feeling that I get when I walk around town here. I don’t feel anything towards people who may like me, and then anger from those who hate foreigners! So the atmosphere is more towards the negative side most of the time. This doesn’t mean that people won’t like me here. I met so many friends at Octoberfest. I was so happy! Does alcohol make people more brave? (Laugh) Perhaps… Or maybe it was a “right time at the right place” kind of thing.