Harajuku (原宿)

Posted on October 12, 2010


Harajuku is a paradise of fashion and diversity. The people you see in costumes? Some of those aren’t simply costumes. To me, those people have created a fashion that comes to life.

Cute lolita girls! There are always plenty of these in Harajuku. It’s rare that you can get a photo like this of them. They almost said no to me, but I somehow convinced them to let me take a photo.

Not only is Harajuku a place for people to meet and socialize, but it’s also a huge shopping area. The shops include shoes, clothing of different styles, accessories, and many more. There’s even a store to buy clothing for your pets!

There are also plenty of cosplay shops in Harajuku. Cosplay is short for costume play, which is dressing up as your favorite fictional characters. Imagine being able to celebrate Halloween throughout the entire year. Sounds fun to me!

One interesting store in Harajuku is Condomania… You can imagine what’s for sale in there.

This is a downward look at Harajuku. There were so many people there yesterday because of a holiday in Japan called Sports Day, which just so happened to fall on the American holiday, Columbus Day.

Everything was all decked out for Halloween, which is growing increasingly popular in Japan each year.



There were even Halloween crepes for sale! I didn’t get to try one, but wish I had. We were all shopped out by the time we passed it again. You know how tiring shopping is. (Laugh)

The reason I was in Harajuku yesterday was to pick out an awesome Halloween costume. I can’t wait for Halloween! I intend on catching at least one Japanese Halloween parade. I’m also having my own Halloween party on the 23rd in Yokosuka.