Seifuku (制服) Japanese School Uniforms

Posted on October 6, 2010


I believe everyone knows about the Japanese school girl uniform. Cute, sweet, usually plaid. Most of the time, the girls will roll their skirts at the waist to make them extremely short. Sometimes, they’ll wear bloomers underneath. I’ve seen various different uniforms throughout my stay in Japan. Most, like the one below, are very similar to Catholic school girl uniforms.

I began to wonder this morning… Do people know about uniforms for boys or young children?

The above is a Japanese boy’s school uniform. At graduation, Japanese boys will give the second button from the top of their uniform to the girl they love.

The uniforms do change for warmer or cooler weather. The girl’s uniform above is for summer, probably adding a blazer or cardigan for winter with long sleeves. The boy’s uniform is for winter. During the summer, they will usually only wear a white button up shirt. The bottoms never change. Yes, even in winter, girls wear those skirts. Maybe their legs develop a high tolerance to the cold, because I see a lot of Japanese girls wearing skirts for their winter fashion.

Japanese kindergarten girls are so cute in their uniforms!

This is one example of the young Japanese boy uniform. Like the school girl uniform, the bottom is worn all year round. I feel so bad when I see the young school boys in winter!

I like seeing the school uniforms every morning while I’m at work, although this style is losing it’s trend. I also see so many students wearing casual clothing on their way to school.

One last note: Japanese uniforms can be very expensive. I’ve been in uniform stores just to see the pricing. Plenty of skirts were around $200.

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